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Feb 6, 2013

Praying 8,594 Miles Away...


One simple word that can change the outcome of someone's eternity, bring hope, and most importantly allow anyone the ability to talk to the creator of the universe but I must confess I have this preconceived notion about prayer that God is trying to shatter. Let me explain:

I have the privilege and honor of knowing NatalieBrown check out her blog: http://theadventuresofnataliebrown.blogspot.com/

She is in Kampala, Uganda (8,594 miles away).

She and her Watoto 360 team have basically"adopted" a family (read her blog for more info) they have committed to taking care of a family for 5 months. For 5 months they are going to be responsible for caring for physical, medical, financial, emotional, and (most importantly) spiritual needs. They have already done so much: buying groceries, driving them to the hospital, rolling them through a hospital to an X-ray room, cleaning their slum, bringing clean blankets and much more. I'm so humbled by the way Natalie and her team is serving and following God's leading and are being faithful with the resources they have been given. A few weeks ago Natalie contacted me for some medical/nursing advice, and with the assistance of another nurse friend (Kaela Fecht) we came up with a little info and LOTS of questions for Natalie. As the weeks have gone by Natalie has kept me updated on the families’ current status and necessities. 
It's been a veryexciting/frustrating/heart
wrenching/enlightening/overwhelming/helpless process. As I receive each message from Natalie I have learned a few things.  Reading them to Tyler and giving him my honest thoughts helps me deal with any shock, anger or unwanted emotions. And this is the part in the process where God intervened. I realized if I'm unloading all this information to my sweet husband why wouldn't I do the same thing with the creator of the universe? God gently reminded me and I was speechless (Of course only for a bit because we had things to talk about). Now when I see my inbox light up with a message from Natalie my heart races as I sit and pray from 8,594 miles away.

I sit and pray from 8,594 miles away. I pray about the injustice. I pray about Natalie and her team for Gods peace and leading. I pray about the medical conditions. I pray about the resources. I pray about a sweet African baby that I would love to squeeze and hold. I pray about the fears that this family is facing. I pray about their nutrition. I pray about the weather. I pray technology would work and Natalie would get my lists and messages. I pray that nurses and doctors would help and be compassionate. I pray about my own frustration that I'm 8,594 miles away. I pray that God would heal through his word and his spirit. I pray that God would be bigger. I pray that God would perform a miracle in Natalie her team and the family they have"adopted". I pray that as I'm sitting 8,594 miles away I would live like I believe all the things I just uttered.

After I'm done praying I try to gather the few words that I feel God just whispered to my heart and write a coherent message back to Natalie. God is compelling me and all of us to sit and pray BIG prayers. Prayers that radically change the way we view him and prayers that bring glory to his name. Prayers that fundamentally change our lives as well as lives 8,594 miles away.

16 Rejoice always, 17 pray without ceasing, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 ESV

Prayerfully changed,

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