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I love being Mrs. Lutz and loving God and my husband! I enjoy loving my HUBBY and trying all kinds of new adventures here in Corpus Christi, TX. I love holding and feeding sweet babies AND I get to do that at my job at Driscoll Childrens Hospital in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit!

Nov 21, 2011

a new leaf...

Ok so the prolonged silence ends tonight. Here are a few new leafs we have turned over in the Lutz household. Some fun and adventurous others difficult and discouraging either way we are learning to be THANKFUL no matter what comes our way:

1. Tyler and I are learning how to use our new pots and pans. Which means new dinners and lots of leftovers :) (even if we did pay way too much for them) everybody has that one "lapse" in financial judgment right?

2. I didn't pass my boards. BUT I found out with my husband hugging me and handing me tissues. He told me that I was gonna be a great nurse because I have a love and compassion from Jesus that I can share with others and that couldn't be taught. :)

3. I learned how to change a flat with Tyler and realized how little upper body strength I possess. I thoroughly enjoyed learning but I'm definitely not chomping at the bit to accomplish this feat on my own.

4. Tyler and I have attended 8 weddings this year (including our own).

5. The other night there was a snake on the sidewalk and Tyler learned that I truly have a PHOBIA. He had to carry me upstairs even after the snake was gone...I just couldn't walk by were the snake had been for fear that it MIGHT make a reappearance.

6. I'm still working at spohn south in the NICU as a nurse assistant. Which I'm very THANKFUL to still have a job especially after finding out I have to re-take my boards. Bummer is that I work nights making the Husband's schedule and my schedule opposite.

7. Cool thing about opposing schedules you find creative ways to leave notes/surprises/dinner!

8. Tyler and I both have Thanksgiving off which means we get to attend 4 different Thanksgivings. (I had been praying about the holidays so this was an answer to prayer!)

9. This weekend we get to put up our first Christmas tree together as a married couple and put out our new Disney ornaments!!

10. Most of all I'm just thankful that no matter what I have the love of an unconditional God to look to and a husband who does the same no matter what we may be facing!!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
The Lutz's

Oct 3, 2011

Lutz's Happenings!

Wow! So this past week has been a whirlwind!! I'm now officially Aubriana Celeste Lutz according to Social Security and Department of Transportation. May seem silly I know...but this is HUGE for me. I can now officially say that I'm Mrs. Lutz- it's bliss :) So that was really exciting for me to get that all squared away. In turn now that my name is all changed I have scheduled my Board examinations for October 24th. It's so nerve racking and I'm very anxious but as my sweet hubby says, "God hasn't brought you this far in school and graduating to leave you where you are..." He is always so encouraging and it's something I really adore and love about him! I have been going through the interview process trying to find jobs and Tyler has been so supportive. He really is my number one fan and he has told me before every interview, "Just be yourself they will love you!" I mean it maybe a simple statement but it definitely earns brownie points with this girl (my love language is words of encouragement). Anyway I'm excited to say that I got 2 interviews with my #1 job pick and ended up getting the position. I'm so thrilled to say that I'm working in a hospital where the mission is to extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ I mean come on right!! So I'm officially going to be in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Spohn South!! It was such an answer to prayer to get this JOB! Side note: When I got the call from the HR department I was on the phone with Daddy Jerry and when I clicked back over I had to tell him I would call him back after I called Tyler. He knew at that point that I got the job. I'm ecstatic to buy some fun new scrubs, a fun size stethoscope and start caring for some sweet little ones! I know some of you maybe thinking I could never be in the NICU it's way to sad and I would cry all the time. Not for this girl I can't wait to go to work everyday and do everything medically possible for the littles. Because I know that at the end of the day/shift I have done everything I can but that I serve a God bigger than medicine. It's a pretty cool feeling.

Mrs. Lutz!

Sep 27, 2011


I'm so excited to write about our honeymoon! It was so fun and I loved it...seems silly but I have been looking at all the fun pictures ever since we got home. There is so much fun and magic in all of the pictures. We really enjoyed not making plans and just walking around and soaking in all things Disney!!
Husband, Wife, Minnie & Mickey

We went to all 4 Disney parks Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot and Animal Kingdom. It was really neat to see all of the detail that Disney puts into every production from the room we stayed in to the dinners we had every night. Everything was so thoughtful and detailed...a picture always does better than words...
Mickey Decor!
Haha yes we had two beds!! Doesn't everyone on their honeymoon?? LOL
Yummy Dessert at Sanaa Cafe In Animal Kindgom Lodge!

The best part was getting to hang out with my Tyler and have fun doing things together! It was so fun to walk around in our Wedding Mouse Ears! I mean you may say how dorky...but we didn't care we embraced it all...especially all the times you hear CONGRATULATIONS!! Also it was fun to have older couples tell us stories of how they are celebrating their anniversary and still remember their honeymoon at Disney 50+ years ago. HOW COOL!!! Also it didn't hurt to get free funnel cake and get to cut in line to ride a few rides. I think the best part though was that Tyler would get ready every morning and put on a button that said just married! It was so cute. He was so proud and so was I...Needless to say we love being married!!!

My Husband Rocks T-shirt! My favorite.

My Cute Husband and his Just Married Button!

We also stayed at the parks late every evening to catch all the magical nighttime fireworks!! I have to say Disney is the best at coming up with innovative ideas. We watched this one nighttime show called fantasmic where they sprayed huge fans of water and projected images onto the water. How cool right? It was so romantic to sit under a sky of fireworks every night with my sweet new husband!
Magic Kingdom
Fantasmic Water fan thingy!

I just loved the dream come true honeymoon with Tyler. We had so much fun from the time we left to the time we got back it was pure FUN!!
Hints of fall @ Disney!!
Just being Kids!
Being an Explorer!
Fun Rides!
Chip n Dale!
Tyler: Should I get one? Aubri: If you really want a samurai sword. Tyler: If I do will you buy me stuff to cut in half? Aubri: Like what? Tyler: I dunno like watermelon and cantaloupes?
Polynesian Resort!

Lots of fun times and we will definitely be going back for our anniversaries!!

The Lutz's

Sep 19, 2011


So its still surreal to me typing out the word newlyweds. I'm so excited to finally be Mrs. Lutz it's hard to even put it into words. The best part to me is that I now get to hang out with the coolest/funniest/most handsome guy I know. It's makes doing things like pouring a bowl of cereal together, watching Beauty and the Beast, and picking out new bedding together FUN!! It's exciting! It's so funny when people ask me how I like being married?? Uh...I LOVE IT, OF COURSE! I mean what other response is there when you have liked someone since middle school and now you get to live together and be best friends forever! I know that may sound cheese but it's my dream come true. Well, We are finally getting somewhat settled into our new apartment. It's a one bedroom, which at first I'll admit I wasn't excited about the small space and cramping all our stuff into one place. Although now, I LOVE IT we are so cozy and have started hanging up some of our things on the wall and made a few dinners in our tiny kitchen. It's not a huge place but I'm learning that I could care less when I'm living with my best friend. I love the new apartment and all the little things that make it feel like home! Anyway off to make dinner for the Mr. :)

With love,
Aubri Lutz