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I love being Mrs. Lutz and loving God and my husband! I enjoy loving my HUBBY and trying all kinds of new adventures here in Corpus Christi, TX. I love holding and feeding sweet babies AND I get to do that at my job at Driscoll Childrens Hospital in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit!

Sep 19, 2011


So its still surreal to me typing out the word newlyweds. I'm so excited to finally be Mrs. Lutz it's hard to even put it into words. The best part to me is that I now get to hang out with the coolest/funniest/most handsome guy I know. It's makes doing things like pouring a bowl of cereal together, watching Beauty and the Beast, and picking out new bedding together FUN!! It's exciting! It's so funny when people ask me how I like being married?? Uh...I LOVE IT, OF COURSE! I mean what other response is there when you have liked someone since middle school and now you get to live together and be best friends forever! I know that may sound cheese but it's my dream come true. Well, We are finally getting somewhat settled into our new apartment. It's a one bedroom, which at first I'll admit I wasn't excited about the small space and cramping all our stuff into one place. Although now, I LOVE IT we are so cozy and have started hanging up some of our things on the wall and made a few dinners in our tiny kitchen. It's not a huge place but I'm learning that I could care less when I'm living with my best friend. I love the new apartment and all the little things that make it feel like home! Anyway off to make dinner for the Mr. :)

With love,
Aubri Lutz

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