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Sep 27, 2011


I'm so excited to write about our honeymoon! It was so fun and I loved it...seems silly but I have been looking at all the fun pictures ever since we got home. There is so much fun and magic in all of the pictures. We really enjoyed not making plans and just walking around and soaking in all things Disney!!
Husband, Wife, Minnie & Mickey

We went to all 4 Disney parks Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot and Animal Kingdom. It was really neat to see all of the detail that Disney puts into every production from the room we stayed in to the dinners we had every night. Everything was so thoughtful and detailed...a picture always does better than words...
Mickey Decor!
Haha yes we had two beds!! Doesn't everyone on their honeymoon?? LOL
Yummy Dessert at Sanaa Cafe In Animal Kindgom Lodge!

The best part was getting to hang out with my Tyler and have fun doing things together! It was so fun to walk around in our Wedding Mouse Ears! I mean you may say how dorky...but we didn't care we embraced it all...especially all the times you hear CONGRATULATIONS!! Also it was fun to have older couples tell us stories of how they are celebrating their anniversary and still remember their honeymoon at Disney 50+ years ago. HOW COOL!!! Also it didn't hurt to get free funnel cake and get to cut in line to ride a few rides. I think the best part though was that Tyler would get ready every morning and put on a button that said just married! It was so cute. He was so proud and so was I...Needless to say we love being married!!!

My Husband Rocks T-shirt! My favorite.

My Cute Husband and his Just Married Button!

We also stayed at the parks late every evening to catch all the magical nighttime fireworks!! I have to say Disney is the best at coming up with innovative ideas. We watched this one nighttime show called fantasmic where they sprayed huge fans of water and projected images onto the water. How cool right? It was so romantic to sit under a sky of fireworks every night with my sweet new husband!
Magic Kingdom
Fantasmic Water fan thingy!

I just loved the dream come true honeymoon with Tyler. We had so much fun from the time we left to the time we got back it was pure FUN!!
Hints of fall @ Disney!!
Just being Kids!
Being an Explorer!
Fun Rides!
Chip n Dale!
Tyler: Should I get one? Aubri: If you really want a samurai sword. Tyler: If I do will you buy me stuff to cut in half? Aubri: Like what? Tyler: I dunno like watermelon and cantaloupes?
Polynesian Resort!

Lots of fun times and we will definitely be going back for our anniversaries!!

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  1. So presh, I'm glad you embraced your inner kiddo at Disney...if you can't there then where can you?

  2. This made me so happy :):)

  3. Anonymous3.10.11

    So true Christina! Jade it made me oober happy too!!